Scrambler Therapy has been effective on patients who typically have not responded satisfactorily to any previous treatment, such as narcotics, or surface electro-stimulation, such as Tens treatment.

Calmar uses this technology in conjunction with Dr. D’Amato to offer a rapid, non-narcotic, non-invasive, pain-free treatment without known side effects and clinically proven effective by scientific research for various types of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain. In a typical 10-session treatment cycle of ST, pain is progressively reduced in intensity until a 70% - 80% reduction occurs (in many cases there is a complete resolution of pain). The pain relief is long term (three months to over one year), though ST can be repeated as needed. 

Scrambler Therapy (ST) usually consists of 10-12 treatment sessions over a two week period. A Scrambler Therapy session consists of a "set-up" phase ........which is typically 45 minutes in length. Some complex medical conditions may require additional treatment sessions. The initial one-hour patient encounter includes

  • a medical examination by a licensed medical doctor to ascertain the nature of the illness and determine the usefulness of this therapy.
  • an explanation of the Scrambler Therapy process
  • a development and outline of the patient's treatment regimen

The painless application of Scrambler Therapy is by means of disposable surface electrodes applied to the skin area corresponding to the pain area(s) involved. When using this technology, the patient does not become desensitized to treatments over extended cycles.

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