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I meant to have this ready for Mattie Michael’s reception, but I didn’t get it done in time. I still wanted to share it, though, because there is such beauty, strength, and grace in her journey.

Before Mattie was injured and diagnosed with CRPS, I had never heard of it. In a nutshell, it’s just constant, excruciating pain. For several months she went through test after test, therapy after therapy, doctor appointment after doctor appointment seeking some kind of relief, and for a long time there was none to be found.

Most of us will never know the pain she’s endured. And most of us (okay, maybe just me 😬) would probably not have endured it with such faith, spiritual maturity, and strength in Christ. She continued to let her light shine no matter how dark the valley was. I know it wasn’t even close to easy. These pictures don’t show the nights she cried herself to sleep, the nights she couldn’t sleep at all because of the pain, the heartache of no answers and no relief, the helplessness her family and friends felt watching her suffer....

....................BUT GOD.................................

showed mercy on His daughter and led her to a place where she was able to receive the treatment and relief her body so desperately needed. She still has a journey in front of her to continue to recover from the damage this disease has done to her body, but we praise God for the wonderful healing work that He has done and will continue to do.

You’ll notice that one of these slides says that there is no known cure for CRPS. Thank God that even when there is no known cure on earth, He can still deliver healing from Heaven!!


Post spray-gun injury

Dear Dr. D,
Corrie and I were thinking of you tonight as it was 4 years ago today that Corrie had her first Calmar Treatment with you.
We are ever so grateful for the successful outcome of the treatments and the compassion of you and your staff.
Thank you once more. We hope that you had a good year in 2014 and that the new year will be even better.
Best wishes and a toast to 2015.

42 year old injured worker

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