Clinical Research Studies regarding Scrambler Therapy began in 2003 with Professor Giuseppe Marineo, Ph.D, Delta Research and Development, University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy. The research studies and poster presentations, published to date, are as follows:

Scrambler Therapy for the Treatment of Chronic Pain: A Case Report

November 2017

Scrambler Therapy for the management of chronic pain

April 2016

Scrambler Therapy: Effective use of artificial neurons for the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain:

Francis R. Sparadeo PhD and Stephen D’Amato MD

Spring 2014



Decreased Low Back Pain Intensity and Differential Gene Expression Following CalmareW: Results From a Double-Blinded Randomized Sham-Controlled Study

October 2014, Starkweather, Coyne, Lyon, Elswick, Jr., An, Sturgill

Scrambler Therapy: Effective use of artificial neurons for the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain.

Spring 2014, Sparadeo, D'Amato, 

Scrambler Therapy: An Innovative Neuromodulation Approach to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

June 2013, Sparadeo, D'Amato

Scrambler Therapy for Patients with Cancer Pain

January 2013, Park

Scrambler Therapy: An Innovative and Effective Treatment for Chronic Neuropathic Pain

October 2012, Sparadeo, D'Amato, Kaufman

Abstract: Treatment of post-herpetic pain with scrambler therapy, a patient-specific neuro-cutaneous electrical stimulation device

2012, Smith, Marineo

Abstract: Pilot study of Scrambler therapy for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy

January 2012,  Smith, Loprinzi

Scrambler Therapy May Relieve Chronic Neuropathic Pain More Effectively Than Guideline-Based Drug Management: Results of a Pilot, Randomized, Controlled Trial

January 2012, Marineo, Smith

Prospective study of application of biological communication (cybernatics) in management of chronic low back pain - a preliminary report

December 2011, Ghatak

Pilot Trial of a Patient-Specific Cutaneous Electrostimulation Device (MC-5A Calmare) for Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

December 2010, Smith

Managing chronic pain: results from an open-label study using MC-5A Calmare device

October 2005, Ricci

Scrambler Therapy

2005, Marineo

Artificial neurons in oncological pain: the potential of Scrambler Therapy to modify a biological information

February 2003, Marineo

Untreatable Pain Resulting from Abdominal Cancer: New Hope from Biophysics?

January 2003, Marineo



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