When patients suffer from extensive pain, their depression is compounded, their pain builds a resistance to the drug treatments, their quality of life is compromised, and the desired conventional medical treatment result is not realized. Chronic neuropathic and acute oncologic pain in advanced disease stages becomes ‘resistant’ to pain medicine protocols.

Class II drugs (such as morphine) can cause drowsiness, depression, addiction, and digestive problems among other adverse side effects. Morphine and other Narcotics do not maintain pain threshold consistently from one dose to the next.

Typical Treatment Regimen:

  • Mixed or neuropathic pain: 10-12 consecutive treatments of 30-45 minutes; once a day, five days a week, for two weeks

  • Oncologic Pain: initial program of 10-12 consecutive 45 min. Up to 5 pain locations can be treated during each therapy session. Additional treatment sessions as necessary

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