Treatment for Neuropathic Pain Including Peripheral Neuropathies

Peripheral Neuropathies include a vast number of causes and conditions. Included in this list are the common ailments of Diabetic Polyneuropathy, Chemo Therapy Induced Poly Neuropathy (from cancer drug therapy or HIV drug therapy), chemical toxins such as heavy metal poisoning, vitamin deficiencies, systemic diseases such as Amyloidosis, Hypothyroidism, Lyme Disease, Syphilis, and many others. Also, a very prominent cause of pain and numbness in the upper and lower extremities are the hereditary polyneuropathies including the disease known as "Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease" (CMT).

The most common disorders are the polyneuropathies of Diabetes Mellitus and Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) as well as other toxic chemical neuropathies.

Scrambler Therapy For The Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy

Thanks to the research and development of Scrambler Therapy at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata, by Professor Giuseppe Marieo and the vision of Stephen D'amato, MD. (a clinician for over thirty years who was personally trained by Professor Marineo in Rome), and Dr. D'Amato's firm belief in Scrambler Therapy's effectiveness, this new electrophysiological complementary medical modality is now available in the United States for the treatment of Neuropathic Pain .

Find Out If Scrambler Therapy Is Right For You

Your primary care physician can determine through a thorough physical exam including detailed history, neurological exam, blood testing, and various radiological evaluations the nature of your neuropathy. He may even refer you to a neurologist, a specialist in neurological diseases, to better define your illness and recommend specific therapy. Scrambler Therapy can play a major adjuctive roll in your treatment plan and may be able to restore normality to the processing of your peripheral nervous system relieving the burning, numbness, and pain associated with peripheral neuropathic diseases.

At CALMARx Pain Relief Therapy, we have successfully treated many patients suffering from various chronic neuropathic disorders.

What Is Scrambler Therapy?

Calmarx therapy is a drugless, painless, non-invasive modality delivered by a medical doctor and certified allied medical professionals in a relaxing, soothing, and comfortable environment.

If you suffer from any well defined, properly diagnosed peripheral poly or mono neuropathy, and you are not happy with all the side effects from all the medications you are presently taking, then Scrambler Therapy may be the solution you are seeking to restore your nervous system to normality.

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