Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Treatment

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is a term used to describe the myriad of low back pains and symptoms that may continue even after successful attempts at back or spinal surgery. Even the best surgery may result in persistence of the symptom of pain requiring the patient to continue multiple medications that may result in kidney, liver , and stomach disorders. Also, narcotic addiction is a common sequellea as the patient continues to seek relief of his/her still aching low back.

Once the pain persists for greater than three months it is most likely a chronic neuropathic pain disorder. All remedies to date using pharmaceuticals have not been the solution for most of these unfortunate persistent pain sufferers. Doctors attempt other invasive procedures such as opioid infusion pumps, implanted spinal cord stimulators, and even re-surgery to correct a previously missed disc segment.

Scrambler Therapy For The Treatment of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

The SCRAMBLER THERAPY MC-5A device is the only technology available that utilizes a new theory model for chronic pain identifying chronic pain as a disease entity in its own right. Professor Giuseppe Marineo at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy has developed a model of chronic pain utilizing the "Information Theory" of Claude Shannon, MIT, 1948. This theory is considered by many academic scholars to have been the most brilliant thesis every written. In essence, Claude Shannon developed the binary system which has led to the evolution of all modern computer technology.

This model rethinks the chronic pain process basically as a failure of the biofeedback neurosystem to wind down our pain once the recovery process is complete. By transmitting basic "non-pain" information in "string sequences" of synthetic "non-pain" wave forms that are identical to endogenous wave form patterns he has developed "artificial neurons" capable of "delivering the message" to shut down the pain. This all occurs in a physiological process without the need of any medications or other mandatory adjuncts.

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