After an Appeal, UnitedHealthCare Ordered to Reimburse Calmar Patient for Scrambler Therapy

In a huge victory for Scrambler Therapy and Calmar Pain Relief, the Department of Insurance ruled at the end of June that UnitedHealthCare Insurance must reimburse for Scrambler Therapy.

UnitedHealthCare Insurance Company had a standing practice of reimbursing for Scrambler Therapy until January of 2019, when they reversed this practice.

The ruling comes from an appeal filed by Dr. Stephen J. D’Amato, Calmar’s Medical Director, who was able to achieve remarkable results for a 14 year old Girl with CRPS.  Dr. D’Amato treated the young patient successfully for two years, before UnitedHealthCare Insurance Company made the decision to refuse reimbursement.  The female patient had been treated with physical therapy, epidural spinal injections, and other traditional forms of pain management with no significant reduction in her pain.  Scrambler Therapy was the only effective treatment for the patient’s CRPS.

UnitedHealthCare covered and reimbursed the cost of the initial series of Scrambler Therapy Treatments.  UnitedHealthCare had a standing policy for five years regarding the coverage and reimbursement for Scrambler Therapy.  In January 2019, UnitedHealthCare reversed their policy and began to refuse reimbursement for Scrambler Therapy.

As a result of the policy change, the family was refused reimbursement when her CRPS flared up and she was treated again by Dr. D’Amato in 2019 and 2020.

Calmar Pain Therapy appealed the decision to the Department of Insurance, and in June of 2020, the Department of Insurance accepted the appeal and demanded reimbursement by UnitedHealthCare Insurance Company for these Scrambler Therapy treatments.

Scrambler Therapy is a non-narcotic, non-invasive procedure that treats chronic neuropathic pain using a medical device known as the MC-5A.  The device applies a low amperage electric signal which transmits synthetic non-pain information through disposable surface electrodes on the skin to surface nerve receptors.  This process effectively replaces the ‘pain’ information with ‘non-pain’ information.  The results can be life-changing for patients struggling with chronic neuropathic pain, as the treatment ‘zeroes out’ their pain.  There are no known side effects for Scrambler Therapy.

Calmar Pain Therapy, LLC became the first treatment center solely devoted to the use of Scrambler Therapy to treat chronic neuropathic pain in 2009.  They have now successfully treated thousands of patients using this innovative approach to chronic pain treatment.  They have locations in Warwick, RI and Bonita Springs, FL.

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