MC-5A Scrambler Device

Scrambler Therapy for the Treatment of Chronic Pain: A Case Report - November 2017

Central pain syndromes affect several million people worldwide. A 52-year-old woman had central pain manifest as burning pain from her left foot to the knee for 12 years after treatment for a medullary cavernoma diagnosed after a right-sided brainstem bleeding episode. All this time, her baseline pain was 5–6/10 with spikes to 9–10/10 during activity. She underwent 10 daily Scrambler (Calmare) Therapy treatments (GEOMC, Inc, Seoul, Korea) with reduction in her pain from 9–10/10 to 0–0.5/10, then 5 more sessions a month later. Her baseline pain stayed at 2/10 at 140 days with spikes only to 5/10, and no additional medications. Scrambler (Calmare) Therapy deserves further study in central pain.

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